AFSEC Vision

AFSEC’s vision is to...

Enhance Africa’s development and competitiveness through excellence in electrotechnical standardization.

AFSEC Mission

AFSEC’s Mission is to...

Promote, through its members, an inter-African cooperation for everything related to standardisation and related issues;

Such as the assessment of compliance with the standards, in the fields of electricity, electronics and related technologies.

AFSEC Statute

AFSEC’s Statute is to...

Statues and rules of procedure of the African electrotechnical standardization commission, a subsidiary body of the African energy commission edition
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AFSEC Mandates



Recommending harmonized standards for implementation.


Harmonizing existing standards to African conditions.


Developing the conformity assessment of electrical equipment.


Identification and prioritization of standard’s needs.


Identifying, in case of need, draft standards to be developed by AFSEC.

AFSEC Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

Objective 1

Improve the Well-being of the African Population

Objective 2

Meet the needs of the African continental market

Objective 3

Ensure the Pre-eminence

Objective 4

International Cooperation

Objective 5

Improve the Quality of the Products and services covered by its standards

Objective 6

Create the Conditions guaranteeing the interactivity of the complex systems

Objective 7

Increase the Efficiency of the industrial processes

Objective 8

Facilitate the Trade on the African continent

Objective 9

Contribute to the improvement of the health and safety of persons

Objective 10

Contribute to the protection of the environment

Objective 11

Offer a Framework to the Industry to achieve considerable savings in the design, quality products and services.

AFSEC Target


Target 1

National Committee members from at least 27 African countries (50%)

Target 2

Self-Financing entity from membership fees.

Target 3

Fully-Functioning secretariat with permanent H.Q.

Target 4

The number of technical experts has grown by at least 200%

Target 5

80% of AFSEC-Recommended standards are adopted

Target 6

AFSEC deliverables are recognized by AUC