ِAbout AFSEC

Formation of AFSEC

AFSEC was established in 2008 as a subsidiary body of the African Energy Commission (AFREC), to promote for everything related to electro-technical standardisation aiming to support electro-technical industrialization of Africa.

What are the Drivers for Formation of AFSEC?

Drivers for Formation of AFSEC

  • In excess of 580 million Africans waiting for access to electricity and electrical appliances conforming to appropriate standards
  • The need to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the evolving Pan-African power grid including Integration of national and regional power networks/power trading
  • Most electrotechnical equipment and materials currently imported into Africa, Relying on foreign-based testing and certification
  • Lack of skills in many countries to cover all relevant electro-technical fields including purchasers and users
  • Standardization is an Essential Component for Development.

"Universal Access To Modern Energy For All African Citizens"