Communication/Marketing Strategy

In July 2020 The Communication Marketing Strategy has been finalized with support of PTB,and approved by AFSEC Management Committee. Its main objectives are:

  • To provide a platform to enable stakeholders to effectively participate in the development of standards, and to Promote the Conformity Assessment activities.
  • To ensure continuous support by the African Union Commission as the preeminent authority in implementation of electrotechnical standardization in Africa and urge member states to join AFSEC.
  • Promote the use of standards (AFSEC Guides) and conformity assessment to member countries.
  • Support the AfCFTA by reduction of technical barriers to trade.
  • Support NECs ,AFSEC Regional Representatives , Young professionals and AFSEC Committees.

The Communication Marketing Strategy includes a Communication Matrix targeting different Stakeholders with a message/action that should be communicated to each, and  with the expected impact, that will consequently meet the performance  indicators in AFSEC Strategic Plan Roadmap.

In September 2020, an Implementation Scheduling was set up to finalize the Materials (Flyers- Presentations- Newsletter- Video..) and to conduct the Seminars, to different Stakeholders by end of July 2021 with support of PTB.

The Communication Strategy and its Implementation Schedule were ratified by General Assembly in November 2020.

Targeted Stakeholders.

  • African Power Pools, Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Regulatory Bodies, CREEEs.
  • AFSEC Regional Representatives, National Electrotechnical Committees (NECs) addressing Industry and Private Sector as well as Academia including Universities/Research Institutions and AFSEC Young Professionals.

Communication-Marketing Plan 2020