• The main purpose of this Platform is to support AFSEC Members in facilitating their work within their committees.
  • It has been upgraded with the support of IEC Central Office, and has been launched to be available to all AFSEC Members in April 2020.
  • Using the collaboration tools, members in committees can upload any documents, send notifications, chatting , giving tasks, discussing documents…
  • Collaboration tools can be either of a non-technological nature such as paper, flipcharts, post-it notes or whiteboard.

Implementation of Collaboration Platform

  • In coordination with IEC, AFSEC Data with all information about members were migrated, configured and tested by AFSEC secretariat.
  • In collaboration with IEC, AFSEC has secured an EMS Login to all AFSEC Members by getting the updated members information from all NECs.
  • A Training has been conducted by IEC Academy to AFSEC Secretariat with the availability of a User Manual as well as a Webinar titled “IEC Tools and services for IEC members” was conducted to all AFSEC members .
  • All members can login through this URL ( )) and then this following screen appears including “ User name & Password”.

My Workspaces

Collaborative areas for groups you work with

My Favourites

your quicklinks to workspaces

My Documents

Documents owned by you

My Discussions

o Find all discussions you're participating in

My Tasks

Tasks assigned to you


Release notes / FAQ

Implementation of Collaboration Platform

  • Members can upload and downloads any documents , make a discussion of specific documents ,sent notification
  • AFSEC Secretariat provides continuous support to AFSEC members in solving problems they face while using the Platform including their access rights

To access the Collaboration Platform Use the following URL