ِHow to Join AFSEC

Advantages of Joining AFSEC

  • Each country adopts standards according to national interests, but with no coordination of needs for regional integration.
  • AFSEC is now filling that role
  • Improved quality of electrical equipment, materials and appliances and improved conformity assessment.
  • Meaningful influence of any one African country on IEC standards will be minimal AFSEC could increase the African influence on IEC standards
  • AFSEC provides the framework for that to happen
  • AFSEC TCs to consider draft IEC standards (CDs and CDVs ) from the relevant IEC TC
  • Each AFSEC NEC has access to these working documents by AFSEC arrangement with IEC
  • Share comments and where mutual agreed, submit common comments
  • Aiming is to influence IEC standards for increasing suitability for direct adoption for application in Africa

ِWhy to Join AFSEC

Benefits gained by a Country joining AFSEC


to increase the efficiency of the industrial processes.


to facilitate the trade on the African continent by removing the different technical obstacles, thus opening up new markets and furthering economic integration and economic growth.


building the capacity a New Generation in the field of Standardization "Young Professional“.


to be exposed to international Activities in the field of Standards and Conformity Assessment.


to offer to the industry and users a framework of dialogue making it possible to achieve considerable savings in the design, quality products and services.


to contribute to the improvement of the health and safety of persons.


to contribute to the protection of the environment by offering to the parties concerned an efficient infrastructure for the improvement, maintenance, and distribution of a coherent set of standards.

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